Mastersmith Horseshoe Art
When one thinks of steel, one often envisions something cold, black, and utilitarian.  Because of steel's inherent strength and durability it can be cut, welded, and shaped into useful things ranging from safety pins, bridges, and horseshoes. But under the care of able and knowledgable hands, steel can be transformed into art!  Because of its inherent strength and durability, it can be transformed into art that is not only beautiful, but also useful and long-lived.  

In the hands of a master, a beautiful range of colors can be teased out of both steel and copper through tempering.  This is an important and permanent part of my art. Each piece is custom tempered from a palette that ranges from light wheat, to coffee, iridescent purple, royal blue, polished silver, to classic black.     

As a Mastersmith, I also work with copper, brass, and even stainless steel. Each metal has its unique qualities that I fully exploit!
Rock Lobster -  Horseshoes, horseshoe nails, a few steel odds-and-ends, and this crustacean will scuttle across your floors. Red paint has been baked on to ensure durability.  15" long x 12" at the claws -  $125
Lucky 4 Leaf Clover - Race horse steel training plates have been artfully arranged, welded, and polished with jeweler's rouge to a cool pewter color.  Grace the front of your barn, or the main door to your house with the "luck of the Irish".  Measures 15" in height, 11 1/4" in width  -  $55
Royal Blue 4 Leaf Clover - Race horse steel training plates artfully arranged and welded. The steel has been tempered to a deep royal blue color. Grace the front of your barn, or the main door of your house with the "luck of the Irish".  Measures 12 1/4" in height and 10" in width  -  $65
Silver Western 'Welcome' Coat Rack - Dutch steel horseshoes have been artfully arranged and welded together to create a welcoming and functional art piece for your entryway.  The shoes have been acid etched, and then polished to a soft silver color.  26" x 7" with 6 hooks, and 4 predrilled holes to safely secure it to your wall  -  $125
True Blue Crab - The steel of this whimsical beautiful swimmer has been tempered to marine and sapphire tones to replicate Maryland's famous blue crabs  -  $55
Classic Banana Holder - Elegantly arched and perfectly balanced to hold your bananas as they ripen to perfection -  $55
Each piece is custom made, tailored to your taste and needs.  Please contact me before ordering.
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Classic Door Wreath - a lucky dozen Dutch horseshoes expertly arranged and solidly welded together.  With the welds tucked away on the back, the wreath appears weightless.  Intertwine with pine boughs at Christmas time, or red, white, and blue bunting for the 4th of July.  Protective coating guarantees it will weather well for years and years.    Approximately 21 1/2" in diameter - $95
Lucy In the Sky Garden Butterfly - Steel race horse training plates create this stunning and elegant butterfly.  Canted at slight angles, she appears to be flitting to the next flower in your garden.  Her body is a sunny silver color, and her wing tips have been permanently tempered to a rainbow of colors that accents all the flowers in your garden.  About 11" in width, 12'' in length with a 32" rod to secure it to your garden - $75

Copper Sun Mirror - Pounds of raw copper have been expertly wrought into ten full-sized trailered horseshoes lovingly arranged around a mirror. One cannot help but see this above a fireplace or other prominent wall in your home. Being compose of copper, this piece of art will get more beautiful with time as its natural patina deepens.  Approximately 16" in diameter and weighs about 10 lbs.  - $295
Solid Copper Horseshoe Wreath - Five pounds of raw copper have been magnificently fashioned into this ring of full-sized handmade horseshoes. A stunning addition to any door or wall, in your home or barn. Interlace with pine boughs for Christmas.  Approximately 16" in diameter and 5 lbs - $175
Bar Shoe Bridle and Reins Holder - A Dutch Kerkhaert eventer shoe has been joined with horseshoe nails to a egg bar shoe to provide the perfect arrangement to stunningly hold your favorite bridle.  Both shoes have been acid-etched to highlight the shoes' pebbling from their molds.  A peg is added to hold your reins and two holes have been drilled to secure it to your stall door - $65
Frosty the Snowman - a trio of horseshoes with a few nuts complete his stove pipe hat, corn cob pipe, and his button nose - $65
Halloween Pumpkin -  eight painted horseshoes and stem make this a Halloween classic for the ages - $65