Chip Langston is an Olympic caliber farrier and blacksmith covering Northern Virginia and Maryland since 1992.  He's a second-generation horse person known for his reliable, on-time service, extensive skill set and compassionate care of his clients. Call to schedule an appointment.

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Over his nearly two decades as a farrier in the northern Virginia/Maryland area, he's worked with nearly every kind of horse, lameness problem, and riding discipline, including: hunter/jumpers, polo ponies, endurance horses, eventers, dressage, fox hunters, ropers, barrell racers, and even a few carriage horses.  Along with hot, cold and corrective shoeing, he's well versed in glue-on shoes, Equilox and Equithane hoof rebuilds, radiograph reads, negative palmer angle shoeing, and static/dynamic limb balance.

Chip is also a published writer, author of numerous articles and the recently published book, Jamestown Odyssey.
Chip is also an artist and blacksmith. His unique techniques of imparting colors to steel make his works one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.
These Dutch horseshoe have been acid etched and artfully arranged and welded to created a stunning coat rack for either your foyer or tack room.  Click here to see more of my blacksmithing art.